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Talking about the kneader, in fact it is a kind of confusing blender. The kneader is created by a pair of leaves that rotate with each other and creates a strong cutting effect. A low viscosity elastoplastic raw material The ideal equipment for many chemical raw materials, such as compounding rubber, kneading, crushing, fire evacuation, and re-polymerization, has the advantages of uniform mixing, no passing angle, and high kneading efficiency.

1. The kneader can be made into common type, working pressure type, vacuum pump type, high temperature type.

2. According to the material, it can be divided into carbon steel kneader, stainless steel plate kneader and special material kneader.

3. The discharge should be led by the hydraulic machine to turn the cylinder upside down, the gate valve to discharge, the extruder screw extrusion molding and so on.

4. According to the capacity, it is divided into: small kneader, small and medium kneader, kneading chamber kneader and industrial production kneader.

5. According to the difference of heat-carrying substances, it is divided into steam heating, high-temperature heat-conducting oil electric heater and cooling water type.

6. According to the light and heavy and severe strike levels of the load, it is divided into limit type and enhanced super powerful type.

7. According to the reasonable layout, it can be divided into vertical kneader, column kneader, and rotary kneader.

8.According to the main use, it can be divided into the general kneading machine, the kneading machine for printing ink and color paste, and the kneading machine of high speed.

Kneaders are manufactured according to different application and purpose schemes. Kneaders with many different characteristics can be made into three situations: vacuum pump, working pressure, and superheated steam; the temperature control situation accepts collets, steam, high-temperature heat transfer oil heating, cooling water, etc. Essentials; the discharge should be equipped with a hydraulic machine, cylinder flip, gate valve discharge, extruder screw extrusion molding and so on. According to the requirements of customers, the equipment can be equipped with many instruments such as calm, measurement, and operation records.